Mauro Grifoni 2011 Spring/Summer Main Collection

Arek Thursday, February 3, 2011
Mauro Grifoni was born in 1992 as a label in a tiny atelier, which handcrafted shirts.

Artisan suits followed the handmade shirts, and now a total look that is characterized by sophisticated and eclectic urban tastes.

Iconic pieces of classic tradition are produced with the finest of fabrics and impeccable finishing.

As to be expected, the label Mauro Grifoni was founded by Mauro Grifoni, born 1964 in Milano, going on to open his first store in Verona, followed by Padova, Brescia, Bergamo and Treviso.

Now the unexpected creations of Mauro Grifoni can be found in numerous countries throughout Europe, Japan, the US, and Russia.

Mauro Grifoni—flawless impeccable design.

See the main collection here.

Photos Copyright Mauro Grifoni.
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