Pakistani Groom Dress

Arek Thursday, July 21, 2011

Pakistani Groom Dress
Sherwani is a traditional dress worn by many Pakistani groom on their wedding day.

Married Pakistani general on his special day like to wear Sherwani. Sherwani is a traditional dress of the subcontinent. Sherwani is a married Pakistani dress, as in so many years have not gone out of fashion.

Sherwani today come in all sorts of colors and styles. Sherwani also a needle and stone work on it to make the dress married Pakistani seems very attractive.
Sherwani is very similar to a hand, but extends to the knee (sometimes even less). A traditional clothing in South Asia, especially Pakistan, which is worn on top of a kurta, a loose shirt, which also reaches to the knees. A Sherwani may be accompanied by a churidar, shalwar pajamas or Khara.

Red, burgundy and gold color options are the most popular Pakistani sherwani for the groom.

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