Shine With A Perfect Pair Of Shoes This Eid!

Arek Thursday, August 25, 2011

Shine With A Perfect Pair Of Shoes This Eid! 

Women like shoes as much as they love chocolate! Is collecting friends', a formal dinner or a farewell to the University of festivals such as Eid, the first thought that comes to his mind is: "what shoes I'm going to wear this dress?" And from there begins her journey to find the answer to this question shortly! So the Eid-ul-Fitr is coming, and most of the girls are looking for the latest trends in shoes, and when it comes to shoes, all shiny gladiator heels sexy is case sensitive "in" it all depends on how implementation with the dress and personal style.

From traditional Eid is an occasion which was held in jeans and west simply do not fit perfectly. So it is definitely time to celebrate the beauty of our culture and parties with the symbols of the East. And when chori pajamas and pants in the game, delicate sandals and heels become the first option to consider. With the impressions of lawn or muslin fascinating fantasy, a pair of low-heeled sandals trimmed with dazzling stone undoubtedly steal the show. With choridar and coats you can beautify your feet with beautiful delicate sandals or gladiators glow lure women to key, or if your partner choridar modern cut kurta, to complete the look with beautiful high heel sandals.

However, it is always best to use flat sandals during the day from a simple make-up, but if you have a night mode to participate in their own family or friends, do not forget to complete your sexy outfit with high heels and dramatic eye makeup to reach the queen of the show at night.

In addition, we can not ignore the timeless charm necklace Khussa Puri, and that seems to be so picky with clothes frilling choridars, and if you're a long heighted woman, then show off your feminine beauty, the softness of these traditional gifts, fully equipped with the lure of traditional Mehendi and bracelets.

Take a shoe you like most in this Eid with the sweetness is the quintessential East. High quality shoes you picked up the dress and bracelets dangling next to the murmur of the dupatta recall, you are ready to celebrate the culture, religion and women of this Eid your individuality in style!

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