Arek Saturday, February 11, 2012

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Dear friends,
As last blogged, MAURIE & EVE'S latest collection has me completely captivated, and this peplum dress is just too pretty for words.

An action packed week ahead, including a quick Sydney visit and locking in flights to my favourite the U S of A. My last visit to the States was last year, where I was lucky enough to drive West to East coast, exploring 26 states along the way.

This tip will be purely relaxation, plus a very special ceremony. Flying in to LA and out of NYC is the plan, still working out the in-betweens. Please shoot me through any must-sees.

Exciting times ahead.

I'm wearing:
Peplum dress, via MAURIE & EVE
Anorak, via MAURIE & EVE
Heels, via TONY BIANCO

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