Shoes For Fashion Trend 2009

Shoes Fashion Trend 2009

Footwear goes surreal this coming season. The more extravagance and crazy you look the better. Opt for dramatic designs and exaggerated heels. Hardware embellishment is really hot, too.

Puss-in-boots style makes its glorious comeback in fall 2009. Long boots win over stilettos.

Moreover, designers let you go further and try thigh-high black suede skinny leg boots, one of the hottest key looks for the winter. Channel the inner Catwoman, girl!

Fall/Winter Fashion Trend 2009-2010

Fall/Winter Fashion Trend 2009-2010, Fashion Trends, Women Fashion Trend
As people say, get the things you may need ready in good time, time you checked out the hottest looks for this coming fashion season.

Experts say this coming fall and winter will be all about strong silhouettes and sophisticated glamour. Decadent features are present in many F/W 2009-10 key looks and reflect the current economic situation.

However, 80s disco style and bold looks will anyway find their own place in your wardrobe if you want to follow the fashion tendencies in full. It’s like all about girl power! See what I mean.

Fashion Trend Paint Box Colour Blocking and Fondant Colours

Fashion Trend Paint Box Colour Blocking and Fondant Colours

Richard Nicoll was a prime example of a designer using colour blocking. However, many other fashion designers have injected statement colour into Spring 2009 clothes by using bright bold hues. While a few other creators played to the neutral palette.

Left - The pink way, striking colour blocking with blushing pink beige, rose to hot pink. All three pant variations are by Richard Nicoll. Note how we have two looks working here - the mixing of fondant tones in large colour blocks, and also the mixing of vibrant brights. Observe also the important boyfriend blazer style jacket.

Colour blocking with strong brights of hot pinks, orange, mango, tangerine and lime are popular. You will also see other brights such as lapis, Yves Klein blue, Santorini blue, lemon yellow, lime, orange and aqua jade tones. These garments can be worn alone or blocked together with the enthusiasm of the Dutch designer Mondrian.

In conclusion, expect bright colours that pop, shock and electrify to cheer up dull days. Mix and match bold colours in the latest silhouettes to add zest and a new tang to your existing wardrobe.

Fashion Trends For Spring and Summer 2009 Ideas

Fashion Trends For Spring and Summer 2009
For 2009 the statement-making looks of last season have drawn us into the concept of boldness in all areas of fashion. Et Vous rose one-shoulder top £16 - Matalan Spring 2009 Collection.Dynamic garments like the one shoulder asymmetric dress give the designer ample opportunity to enhance the one shoulder with braids, bows, ruffles and fringes. This asymmetric look also extends to swimwear with pretty add-on floral forms. To the right you can see an inexpensive Matalan top. Observe how fabric roses, and surface texture like bows are a repeating ornament used in many areas of women's apparel.

For evening wear and special occasions, the one shoulder dress is already a winner and destined to take over from bandeau bustline prom styles. I discussed this development in earlier trend pages, when I predicted that the one shoulder Grecian style was a fashion fad to watch. Each season it has grown in strength as a viable alternative to the bustier strapless bodice. Now, having been given the ultimate seal of approval by Michelle Obama, it's likely to be the hottest evening glam for a year, and possibly a good portion of the twenty-teens decade. Also look out for this one shoulder design amongst bridal fashion collections.

Grown up glamorous fashion focuses on dresses, ornate jackets and knee length easy coats, sleeve/shoulder and hemline interest. Fashion looks are becoming LESS careless, more ordered, more statement making with futuristic glamour at the helm.

Home sweet home

After a month abroad it is great to be back home!

One of my first stops back was a local thrift store where I picked up some great vintage pieces, including this cute floral tank for $1. I am loving cropped shirts layered over fitted singlets at the moment. This tank also looks great worn loose over skinny leg jeans, or tucked into a high-waisted skirt.


Fashion Trends in Watchband Designs

Watchband is an everyday accessory, it is very important for watchbands to keep up with the latest trends in fashion. Luckily, today's markets offer a wider watchband selection which is a result of sophisticated manufacturing processes.

Below are some of the fashion trends in watchband designs to guide men and women of style.

Material - Recently, people want a watch that they can wear on a variety of occasions - for their workplace, for laid-back moments with their friends and even in formal gatherings. This need for versatility is addressed by the wider variety of materials that are now available. One may choose among calfskin leather, patent leather or suede straps for a classic look that will still match casual outfits, . On the other hand, exotic materials such as leather made from the skin of alligator, ostrich and lizard are great for a day outdoors with the family, but can also glam up formal evening attires instantly. Some fashionable brands also offer water-resistant materials, as well as hypoallergenic leather for people with sensitive skin.

Colors - With the development of more sophisticated tanning methods, the choices for the watchband color are no longer limited to the neutral shades of black, beige or brown. Today, watchbands may also come in brighter colors, including the pastel shades of rosy pink, mint green, lemon yellow and light blue, benefiting particularly those who want bold colors to accentuate their clothing.

Finish - Leather may now be treated to appear with a glossy, distressed or matte finish. These options provide men and women a chance to mix and match in the watchband's appearance, for a look that reflects their personality.

If I was a rich girl

Womens fashion clothing accessories @ friendinfashion

Womens fashion clothing accessories @ friendinfashion

womens fashion clothing accessories @ friendinfashion

womens fashion clothing accessories @ friendinfashion

I have recently been reintroduced to Polyvore. Although I am far from being able to lash out on Chanel purses, Christian Lacroix boots, Balmain jeans or Lanvin sneakers, it is a lot of fun to play around with and the site gives me some great inspiration.

I think i'm hooked!

Colours of Malaysia

'Fashion is not something that exists in dresses only. Fashion is in the sky, in the street, fashion has to do with ideas, the way we live, what is happening'
C. Chanel

travel photography Malaysia @ friendinfashion
travel photography Malaysia @ friendinfashion
travel photography Malaysia @ friendinfashion
Sandakan is the first stop on my visit to Malaysia. Yesterday I was invited to visit a family living in this amazing water village. The colours are incredible.