Katy Perry on Vacation in Bahamas Beach

Katy Perry in picture pic photo image gallery on Vacation in Bahamas Beach july 19,2010
On July 19, 2010 Katy Peery candids in Bahamas beach. She on vacation and wear a bikini swimsuit and use snorkle. She enjoyed in her vacation. Katheryn Elizabeth Hudson better known by her stage name Katy Perry, is an American singer-songwriter and musician was born in Santa Barbara, California on October 25, 1984.

If you are feeling the need for some fun in the sun, a beach in the Bahamas is an ideal spot for a vacation. The following are some of the more popular beaches in the Bahamas.
Paradise Beach, located o­n Paradise Island, is a main attraction for travelers. With places to eat, places to change clothes, and even little huts for you to enjoy the shade, this beach will impress you. Cabbage Beach, located o­n Paradise Island, has no public restrooms or places to change your clothes. However, this beach does have cafes and has scenic beauty that is difficult to match. Western Esplanade beach, located within walking distance of downtown Nassau, is o­ne of the most beautiful beaches in the Bahamas. Also, tourists will doubtless appreciate the availability of restaurants, places to change clothes, and public restrooms that are located at Western Esplanade beach.
If you want a less crowded beach, Caves Beach is an option for you. Located about seven miles from Nassau, this beach has sheer charm that more than compensates for the absence of crowds.
If you are seeking a family beach, Xanadu Beach, located o­n Grand Bahamas Island, is an option. This is a crowded beach. Some families may not like that. However, with calm waters and restaurants nearby, this beach definitely has its advantages.

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Katy perry paparazzi shoot with her boyfriends on vacation in bahamas

sexy picture by katy peeryRussell Brand with Katy Perry on vacation

The Perfect Fit with The Perfect Tangent

At the Capsule Show in New York City last week, I had the wonderful pleasure of being introduced to Hong Kong designer Pak Man Lee (“Pac”) of The Perfect Tangent, which he launched in 2009.

While the line is utilitarian in nature, each garment is based on the “Golden Ratio Fit,” which is this designer’s pursuit of the perfect, timeless fit.

“The reasoning behind Pac’s investigation stems from the movie “Pi,” which he saw in 1998:

“Mathematics are the Language of Nature. Everything around those can be represented and understood through Numbers. If you graph the Numbers at any system, Patterns emerged. Therefore, there are patterns everywhere in nature.”

The Golden Ratio Fit is based on the famous painting, the Vitruvian Man, which Leonardo da Vinci pained in 1487 as a study on human proportions that Roman writer Marcus Vitruvius Pollio had described centuries earlier (photo top).

Designer Pac develops this notion with the “Fibonacci Sequence” of numbers, which is named after Leonardo Fibonacci of Pisa and dates back to ancient India.

The higher up the sequence, the closer the algorithm approaches the golden ratio. The following image features chest width and the Fibonacci Sequence.

Pac then translates the Fibonacci Sequence into the Golden Ratio Fit with a shirt.

The designer then offers various cuts by compromising different body shapes, as he slims the body by skimming a continuous tangent along the side of the torso.

Finally, on this premise the designer explores assorted styles and cuts for his collections in menswear.

Okay, I admit. The concept goes a bit over my head too. But the end result is more than comprehensible: timeless designs that are unique to the industry.

See the look book here.

Photos Copyright The Perfect Tangent.

Kent Denim—Riding High in 2011

Today, I am happy to bring to you the latest in Kent Denim by designer Noah Landis, released exclusively to Men’s Fashion by Francesco for first posting.

In the designer’s words, “spring/summer 2011 has been all about bike messengers for Kent Denim’s new look and feel,” which, by the way, was showcased before the big name brands. Way to go, Noah, you are riding with the big guys!

About the outfit, first, we have the Kent Denim cheetah cycling hat. Then, model Johann Zaroli is sporting a contrasting color block button-up shirt.

The biker look culminates in grey Japanese denim with Soma slim leg styling and accented with a Kent Denim vintage belt buckle.

Kent Denim Spring Summer 2011 from Kent Denim on Vimeo.

Photo 2011 s/s collection by photographer Daniel Laukat, Copyright Kent Denim.

Human Nature

Image and video hosting by TinyPic

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Wowwwww it's last day in July. Hopefully in August more more more better in everything. FYI tommorow it's my 1st training for being Pastry Chef. So excited !!!!! Talk about two photos in this post, i took photos at my home with nature . Just for fun.....

Good Bye July :)

Bring on the Noise 2010 Autumn/Winter Collection

In the past I have posted several articles on Japanese designer, Daisuke Konno, including an interview and an update on his label Bring on the Noise.

So, let me bring on some more noise with a press release about the most recent collection:

“Tokyo Rockers”
The rock scene boom lost its momentum in the late 1970’s. Bringing about a breakthrough, musicians gathered and played gigs continuously in many parts of Japan. This movement is called “Tokyo Rockers.”

Our season theme is the movement spawned in the late 1970’s and early ’80’s, the dawn of Punk. We pursue originality no other brands can create.

Every product is made in Japan, placing importance on the concept of a “Japanese-made product,” as the season theme is the Japanese culture.

Support Brand: Libertas (Shoes)
Libertas” means ‘Freedom’ in Latin. Our theme is to share feelings of empathy with people wearing our shoes, pursuing craftsmanship for creating unique products.

Stylist: Satoshi Yoshimoto
Photographer: Takahiro Otsuji
Hair/Makeup: Satoshi Ito
Kuruucrew, Fratten,Gasbag, Ken Takehisa.

Photos & slideshow Copyright Bring on the Noise.

Erin Heatherton Marie Claire Italia June 2010

Erin Heatherton: Marie Claire Italia June 2010

Widy Vierra for Bloop Endorse

Yeahhhhh....my favorite vocalist Widy Nichlany from the band Vierra launch her collection for Bloop Endorse. As we know Widy have a great taste in fashion. Her style is simple and casual. Love her body, she's tall and have a great black long hair. And love her unique voice too. You Go girl....

Back to the collection. Bloop Endorse have a 4 printed t-shirt with Widy Vierra as the object. There are The Fedora, The Mirror, The Tatoo and The Crown. I think this t-shirt for unisex , so everybody can wear it.

Check her photoshoot for Bloop Endorse :




all photos taken from Bloop Endorse twitpic

For buy Widy Vierra for Bloop Endorse collection, you can visit

Bloop Endorse store
Jalan Tebet Utara Dalam no. 5/22, Jakarta Selatan 12820

or you can buy at online store :


Nail Art / Nail Marbling

This is my personal Nail Art
It is the first time i am posing my art online....hope u guy's will appreciate it :D
Purple + White+Transparent Top Coat

Amrican actress Shauna Sand In Miami Beach with her boyfriend

Shauna Sand on vacation July 17,2010 in Miami candids In A Red Bikini at the beach with her boyfriend. Shauna Sand is an American actress and Playboy Playmate. She was born on September 2, 1971. Sand was married to actor Lorenzo Lamas from April 27, 1996, until their divorce on October 8, 2002. They have three daughters together : Alexandra, Victoria, and Isabella. (wikipedia.org)

Shauna Sand candids on vacation July 17,2010 in MiamiShauna Sand picture gallery on vacation July 17,2010 in Miami

Shauna Sand on sexy bikini blogShauna Sand image gallery in photoshoot in Miami

Shauna Sand wears a red bikini