MBARQGO Accessories for Men

MBARQGO is pronounced “embargo.”

An embargo can be defined as a restraint, a hindrance, or a prohibition of goods from one place to another. Life at times has a way of presenting 'embargoes' in our paths. However as resilient individuals, we owe it to ourselves, to strap up and get around these obstacles by any means necessary. The idea of MBARQGO is centered on the free movement of an individual and his or her goods.

We have to “Mbarq” on our own journeys, go forth and get that which we seek.

We, the MBARQGO team, make it our duty to provide you with the quality essentials. Our handcrafted pieces are made in limited runs from the richest and noblest materials available. They are designed to appease those with a refined sense of style as well as ensure a durability that will last.
Our goods will give you the ability to break through the barriers and bottlenecks of life and carry yours, whether around the block or around the world...

The idea was born in 2004 while one of the founding members was on his first solo overseas trip. “I realized how important it was to keep one's valuables safe and in one piece, and I knew there must be others with the same concerns.”

Slowly but surely the small idea started to take form. Trips were taken, prototypes were made, the dream team was being sought out and formed.

We would tell each other “carry your own weight.” That term went on to become one of MBARQGO's central themes. What does weight mean? We break it down as one's personal goods, one's self, and one's community.

Currently, MBARQGO is composed of a close knit international team focused on providing choice goods to small groups worldwide that resist settling for second best.

MBARQGO was founded by Michael Wogu. See a few more items here.

Photos & text Copyright MBARQGO.

Freemans Sporting Club—New York Manufacturing at Its Best!

Freemans Sporting Club’s new collection of heavy duty knitwear is launching in-store this week.

Woven and made entirely in Manhattan, these chunky shawl-collared cardigans exemplify the old-world craftsmanship that FSC stands for: the knitwear’s exquisite attention to detail, and the rich history of the garment.I
In their search for a partner to manufacture their knits locally, Freemans Sporting Club came across a very unique company with whom to partner.
Originally a German company, their Manhattan-based manufacturer sells knitting machines, and produce samples for large designer brands. They do not do production runs for anyone, with the exception of Freemans Sporting Club.

Their facility is also unique because they offer training classes in both pattern making and knitting and are considered the go-to knitwear resource in the US. Knitted from genuine Scottish Shetland, the wool cardigans feature side pockets, zipper closure and are constructed to maintain a strong, stable silhouette over time.

About Freemans Sporting Club
Freemans Sporting Club was established in New York City to pay tribute to the vanishing art of American handmade goods.

F.S.C. offers a roughly hewn yet refined reinterpretation of this bygone era, one in which a man’s garments were made to be both functional and long lasting.

Nearly all of the collection being manufactured within fifteen miles of the shop located on Rivington Street in downtown Manhattan, F.S.C. has grown beyond our humble beginnings but still remains as personal as the relationships formed through the creating of these modern, American made heirlooms.

Every F.S.C. garment is never more than a few hands removed from where it began and is made by the same ilk of seasoned artisans, tailors, and sewers who once flourished across the US and especially in the heart of New York City.

With less than 5% of American clothing being manufactured here, F.S.C. remains steadfastly dedicated and proud to be an American made product.
See a few more shots here.

Photos & text Copyright Freemans Sporting Club.

Geek in the pink

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i bought this geeky glasses from Michelle ( Glisters and Blisters ) at Blogger Yard Sale
last friday. I'm look so geek right ??? hihihi :)
Thank you Michelle .

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I like this song :
Geek in the Pink by Jason Mraz

Hyakinth by Jacek Kłosiński

Born in 1985, Jacek Kłosiński is the designer behind the Polish label HYAKINTH.

Jacek graduated n Fine Arts, in Lodz, going on to become a finalist in competitions like Off Fashion, Folk Fashion, Nokia Tends Lab, Jeans Design, and Re-Act Fashion Show.

Jacek maintains a labor intensive and innovative approach to ecological fashion as he specializes in textile printing.

Have a look at more images here.

Photos Copyright Hyakinth.

It’s Always Summer Somewhere with Bone Wear

Bone Wear has released the first few designs in their new swimwear range just in time for the southern hemisphere summer.

See more models here.

Photos Copyright Bone Wear.

D.S. Dundee: A New Range, A New Store

After a prolonged period of radio silence, D.S.DUNDEE returns to the fray with the winter range and a brand new store.

There’s too much to report in a single newsletter so over the coming weeks we’ll break things down into more detail, but in the meantime check out the range online—outerwear, tailoring (new 3-piece tweed suits anyone..?), a ton of Scottish knitwear, including some Fair Isle styles and beautiful chunky Merino shawl collars, 3 shirt styles and some of the finest footwear we've ever laid eyes on.

After a total overhaul on the store, we are now proud to open the doors on a space to do the collection justice. See the collection and new store here.

Photos & text Copyright D.S. Dundee.

Shop Chop

Today i went to Blast from the past Garage sale at Retail Therapy flagship store. This event was held by Heidy Kalalo ( fashion blogger ) and her friends. Many stuff from dress, jacket, sweater, bags, jewelry and shoes. I bought pattern sweater, printed shirt , yellow polo shirt and shoes.

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with Heidy

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One Piece Monokini Swimsuit

One Piece Monokini Swimsuit in sexy bikini blog collection 2010 picture gallery
New coming in 2010 bikini collection One Piece Monokini Swimsuit.
-Very elegant,unique style
-Soft cup
-Irremovable padding
-Adjustable straps and back closure
-Subtle silver plated ring in front
-Ruche skirted bottom
you can buy here.

Mariposa Flattering One Piece Swimsuits

Mariposa Flattering One Piece Swimsuits in sexy bikini Blog collection 2010 picture gallery
An amazing artistic butterfly image spreads its wings just below the underwire bra built into these flattering one piece swimsuits. Exposed sides add to the sexy appeal of this nylon/spandex swimsuit that comes in either pink or blue. The swim top features double-strand spaghetti straps. Mariposa Flattering One Piece Swimsuits 2010 new swimsuit collection. You can buy here

Bespoke Tailoring by Stephen Seo

Stephen Seo, a modern bespoke designer specializing in custom tailored clothing for the most distinguished of taste, maintains a showroom in the exclusive 20 Pine Collection designed by Armani Casa in New York City's Financial District with a prime view of the New York Stock Exchange.

By appointment only, the open loft boutique offers an oasis for fashionistas and curious sophisticates alike to discover his whimsical shirt patterns, meticulouly detailed suits, along with cocktail dresses, stunning silk blouses and skirts.

Stephen Seo has designed miraculous pieces for various Hollywood Stars that were featured in award-winning modern day films, as well as the principal characters of HBO's "Entourage" who have been brandishing his signature suits for the hit show. He has been featured in several issues of The New York Times, Robb Report, Black Book and Departures.

Find the entire collection here.

Photos & text Copyright Stephen Seo, Courtesy DSK Global.

Ravishing Mad & the Darkness Within

The Spring/Summer 2011 Collection is an exploration of the darkness within. It embraces loneli­ness and the relief that comes with living in whatever mood that comes along. We don’t like pleas­ers, and we don’t put on happy faces. The collection offers 10 different denim styles in 7 colours like bright red, black, print/wash out combination blue, and airbrushed grey. Ravishing Mad is well known for the draped big pocket jeans with an extremely high waist, and this season further incorporates draped cuts. Oversized plaid shirts with drunken buttoning are combined with unisex ass-door jumpsuits and mesh hoodies with huge sagging pockets.

The Swedish fashion label Ravishing Mad was founded in Malmö, Sweden, in 2008 by designer Anna Österlund. Ravishing Mad is a denim based punk rock label that works closely with musicians, artists and film makers and these collaborations are equally important as the fashion that is part of the Ravishing Mad lifestyle. Everyone involved in the RM projects are frequently switching places and either modeling, contributing with music or standing behind the camera. Anna is keeping Swedish design traditions: high quality, clean lines and stressing functionality, but going further, incorporating strong accent colours and straying away from the strict. The collections offer women‘s, men’s and unisex styles, both in ready-to-wear and more extreme versions.

Henrik Vibskov was one of the first to discover the RM denim and has stocked them in his stores in Copenhagen and Olso since the first collection. Anna is educated at the Swedish School of Textiles in Borås, Sweden, and graduated in 2006. She now runs the company together with her husband Truls Bråhammar.

“... I don’t like to divide my life into sections, I live it blurred. Work and fun can happen at any time, so I really don’t think there is any need to label it. I go play with my friends, or work, we might sometimes call it work and sometimes not. It evolves into music for some of us, or photos and videos, and some in clothes, or we just mix it all. I love these collaborations and look for them everywhere! I also do two major collections a year under the label Ravishing Mad (and denim is my thing). I show them at the fashion weeks of Paris, New York, Copenhagen and Berlin, but prefer the guerilla way, the anti fashion way, the fun way.”

View the entire look book here.

Photos & text Copyright Ravishing Mad.

Hot and Cold

I have a good news for u !!!!
Tommorow at Retail Therapy for 3rd time 'll be held Blast from The Past garage sale. I just knew this news tonight. The price is very affordable. I want to buy a new shoes in there. Super duper excited . See you there .

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Back to the past , if you remember Smooch Yogurt Competition . Here are the photos from there. These photos were taken when i was in a competition .I got this photo from photographer from Smooch. Thank you Smooch :)

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Here comes the bride

Fashion photos @ Friend in Fashion
Fashion photos @ Friend in Fashion
Fashion photos @ Friend in Fashion
Fashion photos @ Friend in Fashion
Fashion photos @ Friend in Fashion
My good friend and woman behind the wonderful designs of Ouma walks down the isle this weekend and what a stunning bride she will be - kisses!

Here is a sneak peak of the second collaboration between Monique and the exceptionally talented photographer, Galaxie Andrews.

Amazing weekend to you all!

P.S. The winner of the We Love Colors giveaway is Fashion Cappuccino - Congratulations!

Korean Fashion Dresses

Following Korean Fashion Dresses are very beautiful, don't you think so?

Korean Fashion Dresses
So swweet!

Korean Fashion Dresses
Not so fashion, but it looks good!

Korean Fashion Dresses
The color is so bright, it catches people's eyes.

Korean Fashion Dresses
This one is so fashionable!

Korean Fashion Dresses
I love natural green dresses!

Korean Fashion Dresses
So nice!

Korean Fashion Dresses
Like a beautiful princess.

Korean Fashion Dresses
Lovely dress!

Afro-Sapien: a Few More Shots

It’s hard to imagine life without the T-shirt. Since the 1960s, T-shirts have become a staple in the American wardrobe and a form of personal expression.

New fashion label Afro-Sapien makes it way into the streetwear scene paying homage to the significant achievements, contributions and successes made by individuals of African descent, as well as those of other nationalities who participated with and/or supported them along the way. Afro-Sapien reflects a state of mind and a sense of fashion.

Capturing the style and grace of select individuals including but not limited to African-American, Afro-Latino, Afro-Asian, as well as all other nationalities who appreciate and participate in an “Afro-influenced” culture—as well as the genres in which they created, the Miami-based company’s signature T-shirt collection embodies the Afro-influenced spirit with its simple design and thought-provoking quotes and statements.

Representing a global lifestyle, the collection appeals to men and women, teens, tweens and young adults. The company’s logo—a groovy African-American man and woman—are a throwback to the culture of the late 1960s and 1970s, a time when clothing styles and fabrics were inspired by non-Western culture—including Africa—and a time when everything from fashion to language to attitude was “far out” and hip, and afros were worn by both sexes.

Its provocative statements like tag lines “engage your mind” and “life, love and liberation,” are engaging people’s minds and starting conversation among the generations, across nationalities and across borders.

See a few more here.

Photos & text Afro-Sapien.

Veja Indigenos by Veja

Veja presents Veja Indigenos. The new style features uncluttered lines and a classic palette of camel, brown, and navy colors.

The look book features characters coming from some of the best independent stores in Europe.

They all met at the Veja studio in Paris last June. We wanted the Indigenos look book to be a tribute to their work and vision. They represent the essence of the Indigenos style.

See more styles here.

Veja — LOOKBOOK INDIGENOS from Veja on Vimeo.

Photos & text Copyright Veja.

Ember by Konrad Parol

For spring/summer 2011, Konrad Parol has prepared a collection entitled Ember, which he presented recently at Poland Fashion Week.

When I asked Konrad about the inspiration behind the designs, he replied, “the primary inspiration is people living under ground.”

In response to my inquiry into its relation to the previous collection, he stated, “The common denominator between the two collections—this one EMBER and the previous one REBELS—is a novel by H.G. Wells “The Time Machine.”

“Last time,” says Konrad, “I portrayed a master race; this time in EMBER, I portrayed the race of slaves, who lives underground. These are strong and proud people.”

Have a look at the collection here.

Photos by Lukas Dziewic, Copyright Konrad Paarol.

Commune de Paris: Hear the Roar Coming from the Street

Commune de Paris 1871 has launched yet another attack. Uproar and smoke. A collection of menswear, lively classic.

Scattered red and blue republican symbols appear on noble fabric of sober colours.

A cabinet of curios, packed with objects created by artists federated around the label (Lili Fleury, Munchausen, Adeline Cacheux), who reinvent the cockade, convert flags, coins and historical engravings, take over cannons, barricades, and furious roosters.

About Commune de Paris
It was a chance encounter between three young Parisians, all active in the world of fashion and graphic arts: Alexandre Maïsetti, Sébastien Lyky and Edouard Launay. What brought them together was a desire to produce and market designs that are like them.

They came up with the idea of creating a new label which would bear the stamp of both variety and coherence, based as it is on marrying a new international concept of art and traditional craftsmanship. Shirts, cushions, illustrators, polo-necks, fans, wall­papers, cashmere knitwear, factory, rings, musicians, shirts, leather...

The meeting of different genres and skills that com­bine to create a certain type of fashion, at once sim­ple, well-made, and even a bit meaningful...

Have a look at more images.

Photos & text Copyright Commune de Paris.

Ash Stymest and Luke Worrall by Magnus Unnar for Fullcircle Fall Winter 2010