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vintage fashion @ Friend in Fashion
vintage fashion @ Friend in Fashion
vintage fashion @ Friend in Fashion
vintage fashion @ Friend in Fashion
vintage fashion @ Friend in Fashion
vintage fashion @ Friend in Fashion
I reworked this gorgeous vintage dress which i picked up from a local thrift store for just $6 and am thrilled with the results. Vintage dresses are my fashion weakness and I adore the beautiful detail and craftsmanship in this piece, from the lace, to the gilded flower, to the tulle petticoat!

It's less than 3 weeks until I start the first leg of my overseas travels. My first stop - Santa Monica. I have two months to see the sights of North America, before heading off to Hong Kong, Vietnam and then Europe - I can't wait! Please keep sending through your amazing suggestions, I look forward to meeting up with as many bloggers on my travels as possible.

Now on to more important matters, the lucky winner of the Hayley Kate design is the beautiful
Diamonds and Champagne congratulations and thank you to everyone who entered.

Have a great week!


Summer lovin'

women's fashion giveaway @ Friend in Fashion
women's fashion giveaway @ Friend in Fashion
women's fashion giveaway @ Friend in Fashion
women's fashion giveaway @ Friend in Fashion
women's fashion giveaway @ Friend in Fashion
I won this gorgeous swimsuit, courtesy of the lovely girls at Ivana and Katerina.
I really love one piece bathers, not only because they are super comfortable, but they also look great worn as a body suit. The stripe and ruffle detailing is my favourite!

Over the weekend, we headed out into the sunshine, to test out my latest swimwear addition. My darling fiancé did a great job capturing the beautiful bright blue sky and ocean in these photos.

I'm wearing:
Ivana and Katerina one-piece swimsuit
Vintage crop top
Target acid wash shorts

P.S. Don't forget, this is the last week to enter my fashion giveaway to win a beautiful Hayley Kate design. Spread the word to increase you chances of winning.

Good luck, giveaway closes on Monday 1 February.

Fashion Giveaway @ Friend in FashionXX

How to do Evening Make up

So, you are going to a dazzling party tonight, yes, or just as fascinating event. But you are worried because

you are not good at doing evening make-up, worry not, just follow the quick tips given below.
1. Selecting the Base:

Your base will carry the major part of your look. So, it is extremely important to choose the right base.

According to your complexion choose the concealer and foundation. After applying the concealer, mix bronze

loose powder or amber loose powder in the ratio of 3:1 with the liquid foundation to get that glam, shiny look.

You can include more bronzer if you want to add more amount of glitter to your look. You can experiment

with the base in whichever preferred way since it is party time!
2. Doing the eyes:

After your base is ready, depending upon your skin color choose your eye shadows. If you have a lighter skin

tone then you can experiment with the wild shades of pastels, browns, pinks and even blacks. Metallic

shades of these colors will look awesome. Darker skinned ones can experiment with silver, gold and lighter

metallic shades.
3. Technique of Application:

Apply a lighter shade to the inner part of the eyelid and use a darker one on the outside. Lighter skinned

ones, can apply black eyeliner on the upper eyelids and on the corner of the lower eyelids; extend the

eyeliner outside the border of the eye. You can refer the sixties or seventies look. If your eyes are small then

you can apply broad eyeliner on the lower lids as well. Darker skinned ones can use a thin line of black

eyeliner on the upper lid and use a silver eye liner on the lower lid to create drama. Use brown eye pencils on

your brows and then apply bronzer to them by following pattern of your brows. This will make them look

natural yet full of glamour. You can put thick, curly eyelashes and use silver, blue mascaras for an

electrifying look. Otherwise, you can use thicker fuller eye lashes with the mascara suiting your hair colour.

You can use black mascara if you are having dark hair; brown mascara if you are having brown or blonde hair.
4. Lucky Lips:

Use lipsticks with glitter. Darker shades with lots of glitter compliment the lighter skin tones while lighter

shades having bronze or copper glitters compliment the darker skin tones. Don�t forget to border your

lipstick with darker lip liners. You can also apply a glittery lip gloss if you don�t have a glittery lipstick.

However, follow the guidelines given above.
5. Cheek Look:

Most glamour is added by your base, so no need of more glamour on cheeks. However, if you have used a

light base then you can apply some dark bronzer on your cheeks. Use a lighter metallic blush on your cheeks

and underneath your eyes for that perfect glamorous looks. You can refer Beyonce or Naomi Campbell to get

a better idea.

Up close and personal

Personalized Boutique @ Friend in Fashion
Personalized Boutique @ Friend in Fashion
Personalized Boutique @ Friend in Fashion
Personalized Boutique @ Friend in Fashion
After watching countless episodes of the Hills (in my defence I was recovering from the removal of two wisdom teeth), I was determined to get my hands on LC’s two finger name ring. After a bit of research I came across Personalized Boutique who, as the name suggests specialise in all kinds of personalised jewellery.

Only a couple of weeks later, this gorgeous ring arrived on my door step and I couldn’t be happier – my ring looks even better than I had hoped.

If, like me you are on the hunt for quality personalised jewellery, or a great gift for that matter, check out the Personalized Boutique website. There is so much to choose from – I think the Monogram Initial Necklace and Angel Wings are next on my list.

Finally, if you haven't already, be sure to enter my fashion giveaway to win a spectacular ruffle and pearl dress from local Aussie designer Hayley Kate. The competition is open to all of my beautiful readers.

Fashion Giveaway @ Friend in Fashion

Fashion giveaway - Hayley Kate

Fashion giveaway @ Friend in Fashion
Due the overwhelming response to my last post, the gorgeous Hayley Kate has teamed up with Friend in Fashion to give my fabulous readers the chance of winning your own Hayley Kate design.

This backless beauty, with ruffle and pearl detailing is Hayley Kate’s signature look and can be all yours.

To enter, simply:

1. Follow Friend in Fashion with Google Friend Connect
2. Comment on this post with your contact details and links for additional entries

Increase your chances of winning:

1. Blog, twitter or facebook the giveaway for 1 additional entry.

2. Add Hayley Kate as a friend on facebook for 1 additional entry

Entries close 5pm EST, Monday 1 February 2010. Good luck!
The competition is open to all of my beautiful readers


Hayley Kate, lace and pearls

Hayley Kate designs @ Friend in FashionHayley Kate designs @ Friend in FashionHayley Kate designs @ Friend in FashionHayley Kate designs @ Friend in FashionHayley Kate designs @ Friend in FashionHayley Kate designs @ Friend in Fashion
Welcome to a world of lace and pearls, of femininity and romance. Welcome to the world of local designer Hayley Kate.

I was first introduced to Hayley’s gorgeous designs at a fashion market in my home town, and I was immediately drawn into her realm of lace, pearl and ruffle detailing, plunging backlines and asymmetrical creations.

Hayley transforms basic stretch cotton into designs which find the perfect balance between the elegant and bold, injecting her own modern twist on classic prints and fabrics.

Heavily influenced by her extensive travels and inspired by quality fabric and design, Hayley’s craftsmanship and attention to detail is unrivaled.

You can find more of Hayley's work on facebook


New year, new adventure

Friend in Fashion
Friend in Fashion
Friend in Fashion
Happy new year everybody!

Here are a few happy snaps from our new years eve celebration. We endured a scorching day of 41 degrees Celsius (105 degrees Fahrenheit), so this cotton dress, which i picked up from a designer sample sale for only $20, was perfect for the warm evening.

This week has been a bit manic for me, apart from all of the celebrations, my fiance and I have also been busy packing in preparation for our round the world holiday.

Our first stop will be the United States, arriving in Los Angeles on March 2. We are planning to stay in either Beverly Hills or Santa Monica, but can't decide? I would happily welcome any suggestions.

From LA, we have two months to visit the following US cities and sites - much of which we hope to do by car, so we'll have many more stops along the way:

San Diego
San Francisco
Las Vegas
Grand Canyon
New York

This will be our first time to the USA and I absolutely can't wait. My dear US friends, please feel free to share your suggestions on any must sees and do's. Or even better, if I stop by the city you live in, I'd love to catch up for a drink!

Finally a big thank you to Kaira from SWEET CALI4NIA who featured me as her blogger of the week - you can check out my interview here. I'm also working with a fabulous local designer at the moment, and I can't wait to share her gorgeous designs with you very soon. Be sure to stay tuned :)


P.S. Thank you for your lovely comments, I love your feedback and will be visiting each of you very soon.