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TWITTER followers would know that lately, I've been on a mad hunt for the perfect sunglasses, so naturally I was thrilled, when the team at SHADESDADDY.COM kindly invited me to pick a pair from their website to review.

With so much selection, it took some time to pick my favourite pair, but ultimately, I couldn't go past the classic RAY BAN aviators! Amazing brands and so many great bargains to be had, if you're on the hunt for some new shades of your own, you must check out SHADESDADDY.com.

Next on my list are these RETRO SUPER FUTURE 'Blonde Havana's', after-all you can never have too much of a good thing!

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Maxi dress, via SHILLA

P.S. Absolutely loving this new maxi dress with cut-out detail! Perfect for warm summer evenings by the beach!

Bring on summer!

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Marriage Attire,Bridal Wear

Marriage Attire,
Bridal Wear, Using wonderful dresses has always been the listlessness of every person. What ever situation comes every person wants to use something unique which can give her a really amazing look. But when we talk about marriage ceremony, its mean something really very unique so, while deciding on Marriage Wear for your marriage ceremony you must keep some points in your mind. First select that colour mixture which to your skin appearance like women having reasonable appearance can wear any mixture but the problem develop with women having black appearance.

 Bridal Wear Combination
So always have a excited look on large mixture of your Marriage Attire. Secondly the most of thee bridal dresses are designed with drops, pearl jewelry and deposits. Marriage clothes are usually pretty. So, whatever colour you select it must have some pretty looks. Thirdly the design of marriage ceremony dress must be according to in fashion design. Mostly traditional western bridal wear white clothes and southern women usually wear Lehenga and saree’s. There are lot of models in bridal wear in market so you can select according to your individuality. Here are some models in Marriage Wear you can select and content from these models and can also make alternation according to style and choice.

Shawls in winter months with every Outfit

Shawls in winter months with every Outfit
Shawls are very common in Pakistan and they are of really quality as well. In the south location unique types of shawls are made of lamb made of woll and Shatoos or Pashmina being the most costly ones. There are many features of shawls it entirely will depend on your funds. But a great scarf in winter weather months will be value getting because it will last a life. Shawls can be used again and again every period and you will never get tired of them. They are also available in such basic pigments that will go with every clothing.

 The best part about shawls is that they are comfy and heated and which is what you need in winter weather months. Shawls can be used with every clothing. Shawls can be used on pants along with a sweater; actually shawls really look great on pants. It can be a great cold weather clothing pants will also keep you heated and you can coordinate your common jacket with a scarf.
 Shawls can also be used on the classic Shalwar Kameez and would look very sophisticated. You can compare between your clothing and your scarf. If your clothing has vivid colours you can get a bare or basic colour scarf to go with it. A lot of times we want to use a dark-colored clothing in winter weather and a vivid shaded scarf will look ideal with it. This is how you can use a scarf to enhance your clothing.

Shawls are available in so many colours these days. You name a colour and you will find it and also produced shawls are in style. There are flower styles on some of the shawls and they look really wonderful with simple clothing. There are also shawls which are tinted in different colours or different pigments of the same colour. Love this cold weather months with shawls and stoles and get the best clothing.

Bittersweet style in Van Gogh’s colors

Bittersweet style in Van Gogh’s colors

Western style house Viva Vox, led by artisan Oleg Ovsiev, has gotten the center of summer time season to Moscow’s Bmw Benz Style Per A week. Great glowing blue and yellow-colored management the trendsetting designer’s assortment, creating them next seasons must-have colors.

Viva Vox has been on the style market since 1997, increasing extensive to the top of Russia’s style business. Oleg Ovsiev, the adjustable brain artisan, has been lifetime gradually progress it to prĂȘt-a-porter or ready-to-wear style. And he has won. His packed and productive recent offered Oleg take in new life into the business and the Western style industry as a whole.

 It looks like now Oleg Ovsiev, who often functions monotone alternatives and gives easy details to his easy and yet modern looks, has finally uncovered his energetic thoughts.

One might assume the colors stunning glowing blue and yellow-colored to challenge, or at least not go too well together. However, Oleg Ovsiev expands to complete peace through this mix associated with basic black and white.

Prints are provided in most looks, getting to brain Van Gogh’s work, while the products organize the plan of a spring/summer assortment correctly. Normal natural cotton, natural cotton and chiffon are used in men and women models as well as stunning plant models.

Being stunning and entire of good thoughts, this assortment still has the center of the style house which over the years has established that style and popularity are its emblem.

Make-up Tips For Lips

Make-up Tips For Lips
The lips are the most attractive and beautiful in your face. Lips play a vital role in facial beauty of each woman. Every girl and women of all ages want to have beautiful lips, pink and attractive. This requires extra care of the lip, the use of cosmetics and the lips to some extent, the right lip makeup. Although the natural beauty of the lips can enhance the beauty of the lips, but we can not ignore the importance of the lips up and appropriate use of lip makeup.
Lips make-up is always important and the beauty of your lips shine, especially when you're at a time.
Here are some very easy to apply lip makeup tips that will surely enhance your lip gloss and beauty of the short period of time.
Lip Makeup Tips:
As the lips are beautiful and important part of the face and play an important role in facial beauty. So you should take care of your lips on a regular basis. Use moisturizer daily. There is no scientific evidence that the lips do not have oil glands and therefore require regular hydration. Tips lip makeup application and makeup of the lips is sometimes not the only way to make your mouth charming and seductive. To do this, use a lip balm every day.
If you are a regular user of lip gloss or mouth. Then be sure to use a lipstick or gloss brand lip moisturizer that contains natural herbs to keep your skin and lip gloss.

The shape of the lips to enhance the beauty of the lips and a more comfortable and attractive environment and glamor of your face. The tip of a spectacular form natural lips is to drink plenty of water daily. The water quality of the AHS prevent lips from drying and cracking. Therefore, in order to keep the lips.
Always use a lipstick that is closer to the color tone of your lipstick. This is a suggestion to the lips very important and help define the shape of your lips.

For a glamorous, glossy appearance and a celebrity, do not forget to apply lip gloss applied after layer of lipstick. Lip gloss highlights your shade of lipstick and beauty of your lips in a single sample.

Choose the right color lipstick. It 'really another very important advice of my lips make-up to all my readers. Color of the lipstick is a compliment to your complexion. Otherwise, you can look beyond, or funny.

Here's another trick on the lips important to you. Always choose a lip color that matches the occasion. A red lipstick is good for a party or a function at night, but not suitable for day or a business meeting. Lighter tones and nudes are good for office and casual use.

Remember these tips to make your lips before applying lip makeup on your lips and mouth to enjoy the glamorous, seductive and kisses. :)


images via Rag & Bone

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Dear friends,

My favourites, Miranda Kerr, Karolina Kurkova and Lily Aldridge for the RAG & BONE DIY PROJECT.

No stylist, no hair and makeup, no lighting.

Just a girl and her camera. And Rag & Bone.

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Dear friends,

Melbourne certainly turned on the weather over the weekend, albeit only for one day.

Nonetheless, the warmth meant I was able to whip out the singlet, shorts and shades, happily basking away in the much needed rays and injection of vitamin D.

Other exciting things on the horizon:

+ My birthday
+ Some beautiful blog collaborations
+ Sydney visit and some Sydney blogger love
+ Another trip to travel favourite JAPAN!

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Shorts & tank, MADLOVE
Ankle boots, TONY BIANCO

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Tips To Achieve Natural, But The Glamorous Look

Tips To Achieve Natural, But The Glamorous Look

Natural makeup and nude makeup is the real secret to look beautiful and glamorous, without exaggerating much. That improves the facial features and makes a woman more attractive. Follow some simple tips to achieve a natural look but with glamorous nude makeup.
Tips for applying natural makeup

  • Clean your face by cleaning

Natural makeup to begin first clean your face. Cleanliness is the best way to make sure your face is ready for makeup application. Take any cleaning company cleaning cosmetic and do.

  • Mask dark circles

The next step is to hide your dark circles. Take the spell checker and apply gently around the eyes. You can use a makeup sponge or your index finger to apply correctly.

  • Apply foundation bases

Consider your skin to achieve a natural but glamorous. You can go with basic moisturizer to reveal the natural glow that suits your skin. Is the balance of your face and leave for two minutes before applying any makeup.

Based natural makeup is read today.

  • Applying Eye Shadow bare

Beige, brown, copper and cream eye shadows Peach Add natural look to the eyes. Apply the highlights of these light shades on your eyes and make sure it does not look artificial.

  • Apply the eye liner

Eye liner is very important to ocular pathology. Apply a black eye is the eye liner and spread it to the edge of the eye. Makes your eyes look more long and wide.

  • Apply eye mascara

There are different shades of mascara eyes on the market today. Blue, red, brown or purple, but black seems a natural for sure. Curl your lashes with eyelash curler and then apply the black mascara eyes. Let it dry. When it dries, re-curl your lashes to make them thick and beautiful.

  • Use natural blush

Natural blush application the key to a natural but glamorous. Peach and pink blush and light work on the cheeks. Apply a drop of soft natural blush on the apples of the cheeks and spread in circular motion.

  • Application for nude lipstick

In the past, has nude lipstick. Get a sexy shade of orange, fuchsia, pink, beige or brown and apply it gently on your lips. The lip gloss lipstick on her lips as if lip gloss is the most important ingredient to look glamorous and beautiful.

Rana Khan Armeen

Rana Khan Armeen 

Pakistan model Armeena Rana Khan, hazel eyes is a great model for Canada has wowed millions of hearts with her beauty and grace. She has modeled in various fashion houses and advertising.

 He worked with famous fashion photographers, makeup artists, and within a short time and reached the pinnacle of success and fame.

Model, Anne graduated from Manchester with a degree in business, grew up in Canada and now resides in the UK.
In order for the model has always been his dream, who moved his first opportunity to do modeling for a local channel of Manchester.
Beautiful model, Rana Armeena follow a very simple and elegant style of dress lines is usually not combined with demanding clean and simple, the more the love of fashion accessories and make-up.

Among their beliefs and philosophies, she got a cheesy philosophy of "fun" is the key element in the success of any project. Fashion Model Armeen is very enthusiastic and fun dear love of the fashion industry in Pakistan. Has the ambition to reach for the stars which is very well reflected in their work.
Mannequin, shiny Rana Armeen Magazine Asiana Wedding face, SHE (Pakistan), perfect ASIAN Magazine, MAG Weekly (Pakistan) in addition many online publications and newspapers in Britain and abroad. It is marked by Ambessordor Jewelry Box and Billboard PROMOTIONAL Beauty Saloon elegance and working in advertising unnumberable other makes and models.