Sydney - full of surprises

Thinking the bridge climb was going to be the highlight of my trip, I unknowingly, had quite a few more surprises in store. Beware the most amazing Sydney experiences follow.

Sydney Harbour Bridge @ friendinfashion
Friday is the day in question – a fabulous (and un-seasonally) warm and sunny day in beautiful Sydney. My boyfriend and I, first thing in the morning headed to Cumberland Street to tackle the harbour bridge climb. After an hour of preparation, we were up on Sydney Harbour Bridge with the most perfect view over the harbour and the city. Amazing experience 1 – the climb is spectacular and I would highly recommend it to anyone (even those afraid of heights - well worth it)!

sydney sights @ friendinfashion
After literally conquering great heights, we were off to check into our hotel – my boyfriend had arranged everything so I had no idea where we were going. After a leisurely stroll through The Rocks, we checked into a luxury room at the Park Hyatt (the best hotel in Sydney – and I would hazard a guess all of Australia) – amazing experience 2. We were escorted to our room, where we were greeted with a bottle of Australia’s best, fruit platter and the most spectacular view of the Sydney Opera House.

Sydney opera house @ friendinfashion
A spot of shopping followed, then dinner preparations, let me introduce amazing experience 3. At 6:30pm I was whisked away along Circular Quay to the fabulous Aria restaurant, for a sumptuous seven course degustation.

Three hours later, heading back to the hotel, we stopped to take in the amazing views on offer – amazing experience 4. With twilight Harbour and Opera House in sight, my gorgeous boyfriend dropped to one knee, presented me with the most beautiful Tiffany set ring, and asked for my hand in marriage.

Continuous tears of happiness followed, all the way back to the hotel, where again I was surprised with amazing experience 5. A trail of red rose petals followed by fabulous cocktails.

I spent the remainder of the weekend with my fiancée shopping, dining, exploring and enjoying beautiful Sydney!

Bondi Beach @ friendinfashion


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Top Celebrity Mini Dresses

Initially, these dresses could be seen here and there in different teenage fashion collections, presented at New York Fashion Week. Then they appeared on the red carpet at the annual Grammy ceremony… It looks like a mini-dress a la space style won our planet - at least this season.

Top Celebrity Mini Dresses
Celebrity Mini DressesTop Fashion Celebrity Mini Dresses

2010 Beautiful Fashion Trend

2010 Beautiful Fashion Trend, 2010 Women Fashon Trend
Well this is good and really nice clothes for dress ladies.This very shiny and amazing style.This is very new and the latest in fashion shops. how moslty woman wearing this dress on the wedding party and also on the dinner.So still enjoy in my blog and also do not forget to give comment.

2009/2010 Fashion Trend, Fashion Trend Of Women

Beautiful Fashion Trend In 2010

Beautiful Fashion Trend 2010, Fashion Trend 2010, Fashion Trend

When Dolce & Gabbana fashion introducing them into the world of his, we were somewhat stunned by what looks like an expensive Pyjama's up and down the catwalk.
Surely must be a coincidence, or perhaps a unique twist their collections, but how wrong we were, like Louis Vuitton and Marni followed in accordance with their interpretation of luxury PJ's.
Are we really expected to believe that PJ sudden fashion and what else can be used outside the home for a social event!
Well, if celebrities lead the future we may have to worry, because Jessica Alba has been wearing D & G PJ to the premiere last week also had a right pasting.
Especially ours, given, but they are very busy for her Pyjama frames make it look shabby, and the usually beautiful and stylish she ended our worst dressed list.
In all fairness to D & G, they dress Pyjama mode with very elegant, but it's really something that only a model of escape.
As for us ordinary people, this is something we must work seriously, even looks a bit normal, and not like we can not be bothered making the effort to get dressed.
However, we have a shrewd suspicion that PJ would make a very big fashion wave in 2009, so perhaps it is time to embrace this intimidating beauty trends and ditch the white and tender you for some elegant silk.
High road to try and sell PJ's as a separate, as the suit might look a bit scary on and wear and if that happens, then the summer, silk PJ pants could be one of the hot items on your wish list.

Trend Cardigan For Man In 2009

Trend Cardigan For Man In 2009
Trend Cardigan For Man

Cardigan with a low v cut in front is the best for the simple reason that you get a chance to show off the clothes or anything that you are under a cardigan. For people who wear a cardigan over a shirt and tie to the office or perhaps other formal event the best you invest in some low-neck cardigan.

Trend Shawl Collar Cardigan and Two Front Patch Pockets

Shawl Collar Cardigan

You said Yes to shawl collars, and still have a few more weeks of winter clothes to you with pride. shawl collars that we love this cardigan long and two front patch pockets.
cardigan makes a great statement, add the edge on the side of the frayed hem sleeve and bottom. This is the principle.

Trend Shawl Collar Cardigan, Trend Cardigan

2010 Women Cardigan Fashion Trend

Trend Cardigan In 2009, Cardigan Fashion Trend, Women Cardigan Fashion Trend

The Wrap Cardigan by Jardin des Orangers is the perfect outer layer of any outfit. Open and full of movement, you will be able to incorporate this piece and add the last touch for a variety of occasions. Tie it for a more fitted look or leave it loose for creating interesting layering. Its neutral shade of gray makes it easy to coordinate either with bold and bright colors or classic tones such as black or white.

2010 Women Cardigan Fashion Trend

Trend Fashion Jeans's 2009

Trend Fashion Jeans's 2009

Jeans has become a staple in women’s fashion. It is part of every woman’s closet and as years passed, the jeans have evolved into a major fashion piece that it is now one of the centres of attention when it comes to detailing and designing.

One of the most recent jean designs is the “boyfriend jeans”. It is not the most flattering type of jeans but it certainly has a hip vibe to it. It is very comfortable to wear several female Hollywood celebrities wear it when they go shopping or they take their kids for a stroll. It is best suited for slim, tall women who want a very casual yet cool look. It is best worn with flats.

Ripped or Distressed jeans are also back in fashion. It has been out of touch since the early nineties but it is back on the hot list. It has a washed up and rugged look to it. Again, it veers to the cool and casual look but it comes in a more flattering form because there are skinny variants of this jeans.

The basic straight cut jeans are still part of women’s fashion. It is for the safe dresser who does not want to risk taking on a different look.

It is amazing how this simple piece of clothing that used to be just a farm worker’s attire evolved to a very important part of women’s fashion. It is no wonder that the jeans never go out of style. It just takes on different forms.

Flower power

womens vintage fashion @ friendinfashion

womens vintage fashion @ friendinfashion

womens vintage fashion @ friendinfashionwomens vintage fashion @ friendinfashion

My current fashion obsession is floral prints in all forms and colours, so my eyes lit up when my mum picked up this gorgeous vintage dress for me.

On a side note - off to Sydney this week, attempting for the first time the Harbour Bridge climb. I am terribly frightened of heights, so wish me luck!

Dress: vintage
Belt: vintage
Scarf: vintage


Ahoy sailor

ways to wear stripes @ friendinfashionways to wear stripes @ friendinfashionways to wear stripes @ friendinfashionways to wear stripes @ friendinfashionways to wear stripes @ friendinfashion

My wardrobe is filled with basics, like this t-shirt. They are inexpensive, versatile and can be styled to suit any occasion.

T-shirt: $10, Cotton On


What's hot

Georgia Perry illustrations @ friendinfashion

The 10 things I’m loving at the moment

1. Georgia Perry illustrations - superbly talented - check out her work

2. Bleach denim jackets - worn over maxi, floral & white sun dresses

3. White nail polish - O.P.I Alpine Snow Matte is brilliant

4. Pink lipstick - with everything!

5. Pastel coloured pumps - give the impression of fabulously tan legs

6. White sun dresses - go with everything, pretty & summery

7. Thrifting - the adventure of the hunt

8. Swiss food - Birchermüesli, fondue, rösti

9. Long tousled hair - ala Victoria Secrets, Gisele Bundchen, Miranda Kerr

10. Floral prints - skirts, dresses, shoes (perhaps not all worn at once)

What's on your list?


Summer dayze

women's summer fashion @ friendinfashion

women's summer fashion @ friendinfashion

women's summer fashion @ friendinfashion

After months of rain and grey skies, we were treated to a glimpse of sunshine over the weekend, inspiring me to whip out the bleach denim shorts and my latest Nine West purchase.

I picked these shoes up for an absolute bargain from a Melbourne factory outlet and love everything about them, from the faded electric orange, to the wooden heel.

Beach, sundresses, sorbet, bring on summer I say!

Shirt: Lacoste
Cardigan: Esprit
Shoes: Nine West


p.s. Big thanks to the gorgeous TF for the fabulous photos.

Women Casual Wedding Dress

Casual Wedding Dress, White Wedding Dress

Personally I think it is much more difficult to select a casual dress for a wedding dress. Choosing a traditional big wedding dress is easy; there are simply thousands upon thousands to choose from. But, not everyone wants to go down that route and some brides simply want something a lot less formal.

White Casual Wedding Dress, Women Wedding Dress

Ways to wear: Tube dress

ways to wear tube dress @ friendinfashion
ways to wear tube dress @ friendinfashion
ways to wear tube dress @ friendinfashion
ways to wear tube dress @ friendinfashion
ways to wear tube dress @ friendinfashion

This dress is another of my recent vintage pick-ups.

The tube dress is a great wardrobe staple that can be worn so many different ways.

My favourite outfit is the tube dress worn as a maxi skirt, teamed simply with a tank, sandals and lots of accessories. Which is yours?