Ali Haider Is Back!

Arek Monday, September 19, 2011
Ali Haider Is Back!

Ali Haider is back, not music, but returned to interact with their fans on Facebook!

Former lead singer of "Purani Jeans has a fan page on Facebook official contact with their fans, and only about seven hours since the creation of the page, Ali has 400 fans.

Ali has so far only one of the official version of Facebook, which is managed by him. Farhan Naqvi Imran Naqvi, and are the only CEO of Ali Haider admin on the official website of the fans.

Haider Ali, who walked away from singing to Sufiyan Kalaam, has a clothing line called "Qarar," dealing with the formal wear for wedding dresses at affordable range.

Change in the night, Ali Haider, once acclaimed pop icon, it was really news. He spent singing devotional hymns, pop and released two albums of which respects God and lov. And now it's back in the news again.

Ali Haider has ventured into the world of fashion. Qarar, named after the album title of the former pop singer has two exits: one at Dolmen Mall, Tariq Road and the other at the mall Saima, Dalmia. When you look outside the store, there is a huge photo of Haider Ali, casually dressed in a kurta with a welcoming smile mark (for which he was known and liked among his female fans in recent years). The decision was designed by Shakeel Haider. The color scheme of the store is black, gold and white. The atmosphere is relaxing, elegant and captivating appearance gives a bit of Italian architecture. In a brief discussion with the instep Today, Ali recounts his time in fashion, design philosophy and much more ...

Instep Today: How was the transition from music to fashion what happened?

Ali Haider: I've always been a person to fashion the entire musical career. When the music stops, I still wanted to be fashionable, and what could be better than starting my own label.

Instep Today: Qaraar Tell us about the different collections.

Ali Haider: At this point, it consists of evening wear for ladies and gentlemen. But we specialize primarily in wedding dresses and saris as Sharara. We also offer door of the party and Kurtis short. For men, we offer a shalwar kameez and kurta highly specialized which could also be worn with a pair of jeans.

Instep Today: What is your target market?

Ali Haider: What is the age, we are catering to young adult men aged 18, of all ages. And 'of women is between 18 and aunts always (laughs). Our prices range from 3000 rupees to 200 000 rupees, depending on the quality of materials and design.

Today wrist: Do you have a design team behind the label?

Haider Ali: Yes, we have a highly qualified team. Shahnaz and Sughra behind the women. Some of the men is marked with Haibo laboratory consists of Sohaib Hassan and me.

Wrist today: In a market already saturated bridal couture willl probably be a difficult task to survive and thrive. How Qaraar different from all others?

Haider Ali: Well, everyone says they are different from others. So we prefer people to come and decide.

Instep Today: You have two points of Karachi. What about other cities?

Haider Ali: Yes, we have already opened two stores. We look forward to opening our third branch in the Hyderi and in various areas of the city thereafter. We intend to reach other cities in Pakistan very soon.

Today the instep: How has the response been so far?

Ali Haider: The first three days were brilliant. In particular, do bridal couture for men and women. The kurta for men, embroidered light have also sold well.

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