Rana Khan Armeen

Arek Thursday, October 20, 2011
Rana Khan Armeen 

Pakistan model Armeena Rana Khan, hazel eyes is a great model for Canada has wowed millions of hearts with her beauty and grace. She has modeled in various fashion houses and advertising.

 He worked with famous fashion photographers, makeup artists, and within a short time and reached the pinnacle of success and fame.

Model, Anne graduated from Manchester with a degree in business, grew up in Canada and now resides in the UK.
In order for the model has always been his dream, who moved his first opportunity to do modeling for a local channel of Manchester.
Beautiful model, Rana Armeena follow a very simple and elegant style of dress lines is usually not combined with demanding clean and simple, the more the love of fashion accessories and make-up.

Among their beliefs and philosophies, she got a cheesy philosophy of "fun" is the key element in the success of any project. Fashion Model Armeen is very enthusiastic and fun dear love of the fashion industry in Pakistan. Has the ambition to reach for the stars which is very well reflected in their work.
Mannequin, shiny Rana Armeen Magazine Asiana Wedding face, SHE (Pakistan), perfect ASIAN Magazine, MAG Weekly (Pakistan) in addition many online publications and newspapers in Britain and abroad. It is marked by Ambessordor Jewelry Box and Billboard PROMOTIONAL Beauty Saloon elegance and working in advertising unnumberable other makes and models.

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