Bittersweet style in Van Gogh’s colors

Arek Wednesday, October 26, 2011

Bittersweet style in Van Gogh’s colors

Western style house Viva Vox, led by artisan Oleg Ovsiev, has gotten the center of summer time season to Moscow’s Bmw Benz Style Per A week. Great glowing blue and yellow-colored management the trendsetting designer’s assortment, creating them next seasons must-have colors.

Viva Vox has been on the style market since 1997, increasing extensive to the top of Russia’s style business. Oleg Ovsiev, the adjustable brain artisan, has been lifetime gradually progress it to prêt-a-porter or ready-to-wear style. And he has won. His packed and productive recent offered Oleg take in new life into the business and the Western style industry as a whole.

 It looks like now Oleg Ovsiev, who often functions monotone alternatives and gives easy details to his easy and yet modern looks, has finally uncovered his energetic thoughts.

One might assume the colors stunning glowing blue and yellow-colored to challenge, or at least not go too well together. However, Oleg Ovsiev expands to complete peace through this mix associated with basic black and white.

Prints are provided in most looks, getting to brain Van Gogh’s work, while the products organize the plan of a spring/summer assortment correctly. Normal natural cotton, natural cotton and chiffon are used in men and women models as well as stunning plant models.

Being stunning and entire of good thoughts, this assortment still has the center of the style house which over the years has established that style and popularity are its emblem.

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