Multan Fashion Council

Arek Saturday, August 6, 2011
 Multan Fashion Council


The fashion scene has collected Multan with the first international fashion show hosted by the city. Marking the beginning of the holy city, called the show "Tribute to Fashion in Pakistan," will travel to eight major cities in the country.
An event organized by JZ Productions, USA, 15, was held in May in a local hotel. Designers from all over the country and abroad, presented their work before the lovers of fashion, in southern Punjab. More than 40 models, including models 24 women in the U.S., Britain and South Africa, walked the ramp representing national and local cultures. Dresses were presented ranging from traditional models of Western Bridals.
Speaking to Express, Tribune, JZ Productions director, Jawad Zafar said ... "We organize eight events across the country" Tribute to Fashion in Pakistan, "the eight cities, 200 and 100 models, designers aim is to encourage the fashion we have started in Multan as we have heard, is not fashionable in this city. But [show that] is a big trend here. People of the conference, showed that Multan is a good chance of Fashion. "
Other than some of the names of Pakistan, the models in the United States, Britain and South Africa traveled the ramp. The designers and models in the city was also given the opportunity to encourage the local fashion design talent.
Spunk and ethnic arts are among the few local brands that have received excellent feedback from the audience for their work with the culture of the subcontinent with different Mughal embroidery.

"This is our first attempt and we have a wonderful answer to viewers," said the designer of the concept of the exhibition, Imran Baig.
Soha Malik, a model, shared his experience, saying: "Generally, we held in Lahore, Faisalabad, Karachi and Islamabad, but the people there gave us a very warm welcome. The atmosphere is very nice and we enjoyed ".

It seemed that the organizers behind the show had left no stone unturned to make the event a success. Seeing the overwhelming response from visitors, the city expects to make the place more fashion shows in the future.

While the project aims to promote fashion design in general, focuses on areas where people do not associate fashion.
Speaking at the express invitation Tribune chief and the president of Pakistan Business Association Italy, Ahsan Rasheed said: "I think it's a good opportunity and a great event for the city of Multan is the first time that such activity was organized. here and we hope that in future more programs will be organized. "
"I did not expect this kind of response. He was great and the people are so beautiful. Seriously, I'm impressed by the people of Multan. Basically, I'm impressed by the designers of Multan," said one of the models, Jazzy.

Spotted at the event were fashion designer Hina Mansoor, who said the experience was very good and very surprising that so many people in Multan had expressed interest and appreciated the work of fashion designers.

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