Bring on the Noise Spring/Summer 2011

Arek Monday, February 28, 2011
Inheriting the 70`s punk spirit, the Art Punk Movement “No Wave” started in the New York underground scene.

The collection “Bring on the Noise” carries the chaotic scene that No Wave has created.

We would like you check out the design work of the cutting and the pleats, to the waterproof material, transactional geranium, cross-stitched material, all the way to the original material and the Vintage Scurf.


James Chance
One of the greatest punk scene designers from the late 70`s to the 80`s. Sublimating the sound of James Brown, he has influenced the music scene. Truly the legend and the man of the No Wave New York underground scene.

“Libertas” in Latin means freedom and liberty. Just like the name, this design has no rules and no laws. Only freedom for you.

We want the people to say "This is the one!.” Searching around the world for the right material... Collaborating with the old and the new... All handmade. We give you "The One": RT.

See more shots here.

Photos & text spring/summer 2011 collection, Copyright Bring on the Noise.
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