Jaeger London Spring/Summer 2011 Accessories

Arek Wednesday, February 23, 2011
A sharply edited range of pieces designed to complement the modern man’s wardrobe.

Jaeger’s established house-style bags are updated this season in various combinations, such as dark, unwashed denim with glossy leather, or cotton twill in honey with black leather trims and handles.

A new weekend bag shape, a duffle-style and an oversized shopper bag are all introduced to the range for spring. In addition, a new minimalist-look suit carrier comes in navy with zip compartments to house shirt and ties.

This season also sees Jaeger’s debut collection of men’s sunglasses. These are hand-finished and available in a classic gold metal-rimmed frame and a retro-inspired tortoiseshell resin frame.

Drawstring duffle bag in heavy cotton drill and suede with tan leather handles and shoulder strap; available in khaki or midnight blue.

Suit carrier in navy with a leather bottom with zip compartments for shirt and tie.

New sunglasses range featuring two classic frame styles: gold and tortoiseshell. Italian leather belts including bridal leathers, canvas and leather combinations and suede.

Finest leather wallets with coloured leather internals, folio cases and iPad cases.

Grey suede or navy suede belts with white leather trim. Patterned socks in classic dots, vertical stripes and dashes.

Colour Palette
Denim, Honey, Navy, Black, Stone, Khaki, Burgundy, Gold, Papaya.
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Photos & text Copyright Jaeger London.
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