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Arek Wednesday, February 16, 2011
Ron Dorff Launches a New Limited T-Shirt Edition: DiscipLines©

RON DORFF, the French-Swedish sportswear brand behind the claim “DISCIPLINE IS NOT A DIRTYWORD” is launching a new, limited T-shirt edition carrying the name “DiscipLines.”

The name is explained by the graphic prints themselves based on iconic sports lines from legendary sports disciplines such as tennis, swimming, baseball, lacrosse, and badminton.

The limited edition consists in this first series of 5 different graphic prints in black on white developed by Swedish graphic artist Johan Oxe.

The edition will be launched on rondorff.com as of 15th February and also in select boutiques around the world such as Jeffrey in New York, NK in Stockholm and Club 21 in Singapore.

Additional items in the Spring/Summer 2011 collection include jogging shorts, sweat shirts (with big and small print), briefs, tank tops, and jogging trousers.
See the other Disciplines here.

Photos & text Copyright Ron Dorff, Courtesy Pressing.
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