Damat/Tween at Istanbul Fashion Week

Arek Saturday, February 12, 2011
At the most recent editionn of Istanbul Fashion Week, Turkish label Damat/Tween presented a 2011 spring/summer collection with the them of Prom Boys & Girls.

Prom is short for promenade. At the end of the students’ senior year in the United States in Canada, a formal black tie dance called “the Prom” is held.

Some schools differentiate between a Senior Prom and Junior Prom, while many other countries have equivalents to the US and Canadian proms.

Nevertheless, guys normally rent a tuxedo, buy their date a corsage, and take a formal picture of the couple.

Oftentimes, a Prom Queen is chosen, as well as a Prom King and Prom Court—all very regal sounding!

Historians trace the origins of proms to the late 1800’s. See the collection here.

Photos Copyright Orka Group.
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