Fashion Festival 2011 IN Singapore.

Arek Friday, June 3, 2011
Fashion Festival 2011  Singapore.

After 5 intense days, finally, a last concert, Raoul Fall / Winter 2011 Collection finished our time in the week of Audi Fashion Festival 2011 in Singapore.
Directed by husband and wife Douglas and Odile Benjamin, brand, established in 2002, is a different feeling among us who has a reputation as a men's dress shirts. Dresses, blouses for women became a hit too and you can find wardrobe must-haves in classic cuts and colors of base here. Simplicity, comfort and fit appeared in the program.

Clean and tidy was elusive. The women's collection is elegant and minimalist, but very elegant. Lean silhouette and hem modest in terms of long-sleeved, knee-length skirts and dresses, dresses skimming voice dominates the track.
 We love how some parts included scarves and neckties as fabric (very feminine!) And also the use of duo tones in some of the costumes. monochrome given way to severe beatings neutral and bright red, coral and purple, and the strange room that is full of scenes that we do not expect. Oh, and incidentally, we have identified new chunky platforms.

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