Valentino A/W 2011 Fashion Show in Hong Kong

Arek Sunday, June 5, 2011
 Fashion Show in Hong Kong

We are very happy when we find a collection that stands out from the norm, as this collection distinctive ethnic Butterfly submitted Mom Fashion Week in Hong Kong for autumn / winter of this year. This collectionValentino A/W 2011 Fashion Show in Hong Kong was created by designer Ika Indonesia Mardian, a veteran of the fashion scene. In fact, you may be surprised to know that she actually based in Hong Kong for many years and has established Butoni Ltd., Hong Kong, since 1983!

2011 Fashion Show in Hong Kong
Her clothing is inspired by the Miao people's culture and folklore, especially the myth of the Mother of the butterfly thinks is the creator of the world. We are impressed by the embroidery work is so detailed and complex and can be viewed here on ethnic grounds in indigo dyed fabrics using old techniques. It is essentially a collection based on the tradition that always looks elegant and contemporary. Now, it's really something.

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