Pakistani Fashion Industry

Arek Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Mehreen Raheel

Pakistani Fashion Industry 

Pakistan fashion industry is one of the richest industries in the fashion world of fashion, in a situation with fashion models, fashion industry as Pakistani proudly produce models fashion talent.
Model is a model Mehreen Raheel cute, talented and high-end fashion industry in Pakistan is in Lahore. Model Mehreen Raheel is a born artist and fashion a woman, because she is the daughter of famous TV actress, courageous and stylish, Simi Raheal.
 Simi Raheel is a social activist and is well known, NGOs, and he is a coach like that. Hardworking, friendly and adorable model Mehreen Raheel was sensitive to the style and fashion since childhood. Mehreen Raheel was a model student "Lahore School of Arts & Sciences 'and' grammar school in Lahore." Model Mehreen Raheel also received a diploma in dance, theater, and the script away from London.
Mehreen Raheel fashion model is not only a fashion model, but many types of skills to his credit that, advertising, television, fashion photos, covers many fashion magazines, music videos, commercials for jewelry and clothing and much more.
 Some advertisements Mehreen Raheel Mannequin popular include "Head & Shoulders," "Pantene", "PTCL" and "Lipton Tea", etc., and especially it has great popularity and publicity of U-Fone. "Other models and then Mehreen Raheel Mannequin actors made some remarkable tasks, and she traveled to India as an ambassador to raise funds for the Standard Chartered Marathon tsunami. It was the experience most prestigious fashion model Mehreen Raheel.

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