Abaya HIJAB Burka-CAFTA 2011-12

Arek Monday, July 4, 2011
Abaya HIJAB Burka-CAFTA 2011-12
Jilbab with Gold Border
That's AA long-style off-white color of gabardine seems really nice. Slim Fit style long dress hangs perfectly thin sleeves to give a unique look. Beautiful bright orange strip is designed to develop a Kaftan style. Turkish style seems to open, which is very common in this type of clothing. The orange light is the same fabric was used to develop a bust of design and style neck.

 Embroidered Abaya
This relaxed fit caftan is nice to work with a fantasy, a little 'work and embroidery on the star field of fabric and beautiful design of the neck is a golden thread through the designers and the stars. The entire work of this kaftan made this better and more beautiful.

Modern Jilbab with Hijab
The caftan is sewn in two color formats, is dominated and others released. Dominated the black is a color of this type of real clothes are. It's really fancy and caftan embroidered on it.

Abaya Hijab Burka-CAFTA

This is the prototype of a relaxed fit gabardine that can be used with confidence. This kaftan is a simple style, without any additional work. The style has a round neck, which is common. Kaftan is printed on fabric look cool. Drawing board is also very big.
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