Truck Art Is The New Thing In The Clothes

Arek Thursday, July 21, 2011

Truck Art Is The New Thing In The Clothes 
Truck is now considered old traditions in clothing now. Keep alive the tradition, our designers have started the art of trucks in their outfits. Thus, after the recent trend, get your outfit art truck, now with drawings art truck in vibrant colors. It's a way to add color to your wardrobe and your life.
Art truck is a unique art form all over the country. For centuries, was a part of our culture, which are known to this art around the world. Pakistani trucks are painted with intricate designs and vibrant colors. Our trucks are so colorful and represent the spirit of our nation.
Keep alive this tradition, our designers came up with an ingenious idea to make art truck some of our clothes. The first designer who came up with this idea was Mahee Khan when she came with "Gulabo." The latest trend this summer is the garment of art truck. All the latest summer collection is full of bright colors.
Reasons art trucks are used in all the clothes makes them very colorful. Article truck is used in a different format, you'll see the discolored kurtas with the art of reason, the load is below the neck or neckline that makes a colorful and graceful at the same time. Many garments, these reasons can be found at the bottom of kurtas striking color combinations.
Even the lawn prints are full of oranges, yellows, reds and pinks. The best part is that you can use these Churidar kurtas on top of jeans. The addition of so many colors in the clothes you feel full of life. Adding color to wear is like adding color to your life, because the clothes are a very important role in your life.
You can also get bags for your place of art truck. You can also use these bags with simple monochrome outfits, the colorful bag will complement the dull colors of your outfit. You can get these types of costumes from Gulabo Khaadi or even have made them. Khaadi has a fantastic collection of art trucks, clothing and bags as well.
If you want to stay within your budget, you can still get your clothes made from WALA embroidery. You can also make scarves and stoles for these kurtas. To add accessories that you can wear matching bracelets funky. So enjoy the latest trend of the summer with vibrant colors that will not only make you look beautiful, but also make you feel good in your life. Remember bright colors bring joy to your life.

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