LONDON, February 20, 2011 Acne

Arek Monday, July 4, 2011
LONDON, February 20, 2011
When acne appears this morning, Jonny Johansson, was so angry with emotion, that you had to wonder if this was a watershed that acne had just seen. You know, the kind that comes before the big announcement. In fact the show was a sort of farewell. Johansson, could include the closure of the brand's history, perhaps in the next chapter to predict changes in the sensitivity to see before the autumn. But this season, at least, was still business as usual acne.

For starters, this meant that androgyny in particular is one of the signature of the brand. First look: cropped overalls and sandals with socks platforms and pure flesh tones. Johansson says the inspiration for the girls in their study design, people who conjured up the cost of a minimal budget, the reconfiguration of work clothes as something chic little.

 He informed the way in which these transformations squat, functional forms were compared with the liquid, floor length, skirts with leather patches or cash. But Johansson said he had also discussed the work of British artist Daniel Silver, when he thought of sculptural forms.

Well done to influence this somewhat abstract if volume dictates the clothes attractive, especially when shown in colorful leather jackets and vests big and cut biker pants and coveralls appeared in burgundy, pink, mustard powder and olives.

That was the most attractive pieces in the show. But it was the color palette as a whole that makes this show a satisfactory acne postscript 1.0.

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